About us FALCON security risk management agency



An effective system of internal control and security risk management is the foundation of a company’s success. A clear structure, strategy, and the necessary transparency in the process of managing security risks makes it possible to ensure the further development and prosperity of your company in the external environment of uncertainty.

Our Agency provides a wide range of services on professional risk management and security consulting for national and international companies with the goal of developing protective mechanisms aimed at reducing their negative impact.

Any company sets business goals and carries out its activities accordingly. At the same time, there is always the possibility that certain events may negatively affect the achievement of the goals set.

Our Agency brings together specialized analysts, who are able to develop and substantiate optimal programs for the company’s activities, identify and monitor security risks associated with your company, and eliminate the consequences of their occurrence.



The Agency strengthens and develops friendly partnerships with its shareholders, investors, contractors, and employees.


A transparent information policy of the Agency not only guarantees the right of all interested parties to receive reliable and relevant information about the activities of the Agency, but it is also one of the most important components of our corporate culture.

Impartiality and Objectivity:

The Agency takes managerial decisions based on properly verified data, and the selection of counterparties, partners, and cooperation with them is carried out under transparent, fair market conditions, without unreasonable preferences or prejudices.

We Say No to Corruption and Unfair Competition:

The Agency refrains from participating in unethical, illegal, or unfair activities, and also makes efforts and takes measures to ensure that business partners and counterparties adhere to the same high ethical standards in business relations that are a distinctive feature of the Agency.