Forensic services and corporate security Financial investigations and verification



Financial investigations and verification of compliance with the requirements of current legislation

The purpose of the corporate security is to ensure company’s stable and maximum efficient operation now and high development potential in the future. We help to identify possible risks at the time of concluding the investment agreement or acquisition of new companies, as well as recovering money when fraud is detected.

Specialists of our Agency conduct financial investigations and verification of compliance with the requirements of current legislation in accordance with the goals and objectives in the field of the company’s risk management, regardless of the industry.


Audit of the Financial Fraud Risk, Compliance

Development of effective measures to counter financial fraud, taking into account the specifics of the financial and economic activities of the company;

Financial Investigations (Forensic)

They are conducted with the aim of preventing and detecting traces of corporate fraud, assessing financial losses incurred by a company because of misappropriation and embezzlement of its assets;

Background Check

This check is carried out in the following areas:

  • checking the job seekers in order to identify possible threats and risks to the organization;
  • ensuring safety in the performance of official duties by employees;
  • preventing the leakage of confidential information or economic damage to the company in case of dismissal of an employee.

The company’s staff recruitment is carried out in accordance with the requirements for each vacant position, taking into account the personal qualities, professional skills, and abilities of the applicant. The purpose of verifying a candidate for employment is to collect as much additional information as possible, which will minimize the possibility of causing harm to the company by them after the employment.

Verification of candidates when hiring is focused on clarifying the following questions:

  • criminal prosecution for offenses at previous jobs related to financial or other activities;
  • dismissal of a candidate from previous jobs based on financial or other irregularities that were not officially given publicity;
  • or whether the candidate has worked in organizations practicing shadow business schemes;

Special attention in ensuring security during the performance of employees of their duties is paid to the categories that can lead to illegal actions, damage to the economic security of the company (contractual employees, accounting staff, persons entitled to dispose of forms and seals, employees of the information technology department, personnel with access to trade secrets).

When checking data in order to prevent the leakage of commercial secret , special attention is paid to the staff of those departments where material assets are concentrated or stored, as well as documents containing confidential information.

Electronic Data Analytics (Big Data Analytics)

Automation of the corporate data, digital evidence comparison.