Security risk assessment and auditing Protection of the company from external and internal threats



Protection of the company from external and internal threats

The conditions of market competition, crisis phenomena in the economy and related processes, as well as the redistribution of markets have led to the emergence and development of aggressive business practices, namely fraud, bribery, corporate raiding, and the like. Under the prevailing circumstances, directors of companies need to monitor negative market trends, control the processes carried out in the external and internal environment, and more closely follow the performance of their own company, competitors’ initiatives, selection of business partners, and many other factors that ensure business security.

Company’s safety from external and internal threats, as well as destabilization factors, allows to realize the main commercial interests of the organization and achieve business goals.


External and Internal Environment Monitoring

Identification of risk sources and adjustments of known factors—conditions that can cause and entail uncertainty in the results of economic activities;

Review and Appraisal of Company Security Organization

Development and provision of reasoned decisions to ensure the safety of manufacture, products, and protection of commercial, industrial, financial, business, and other information, regardless of its purpose and form, with all the variety of possible channels of its distribution and various actions of competitors;

Security System Design and Development

This aspect includes the whole range of works, starting with specification compilation, the inspection of the facility, and the provision of cost estimates, and ending with installation, pre-commissioning, and start-up service;

Outsourcing Security Services in the Company

Full or partial transfer of maintenance and management of the system of economic, legal, technical, informational, and physical protection to the specialists of our Agency;


  • ensuring business continuity (the Agency is responsible for complying with contractual obligations to the Client);
  • the possibility of full concentration on the main activity of the company;
  • minimization of own risks as a result of the tasks fulfillment by our Agency specialists;
  • standard of excellence of our specialists is higher than that offered by one full-time employee;
  • substantial savings on: payroll and its taxation, the provision and payment of sick leaves and vocations, the arrangement of the workplace, and advanced training of specialists.

Internal Security Auditing

Determination of the company threats protection level and their possible negative impact on its operation and development;

External Security Auditing

Determination of destructive factors and circumstances, that can affect financial and economic activities.